Hint: Avoid exception when setting client-debug true in Alfresco Share

Just a hint (Alfresco 4.0.d): If you, in share-config-custom.xml, set client-debug to true, i.e. by means of:

  Note that you will get a freemarker exception ”freemarker.core.InvalidReferenceException: Error on line 10, column 7 in org/alfresco/import/alfresco-common.ftl” unless you also set the client-debug-autologging. I.e:


share-config-custom.xml when developing Alfresco Share modules (amp or jar)

Configuration of the Alfresco Share application is done in a file called share-config-custom.xml. This file is typically located in /alfresco/web-extension/share-config-custom.xml somehere in the classpath. Usually /shared/classes/alfresco/web-extension. However, if you are developing a module, it is nicer if you can distribute share-config-custom.xml with the amp or jar and also make sure it does not conflict with[…]

Securing an Alfresco dashlet

In a recent project, we wanted to disable some information for any other user than the Site Administratiors. This can be done by using the Remote API. custom-sitedashlet.get.js


    If you just want to limit content to system administrators, user.isAdmin is always available.