Alfresco Workdesk Sample Configuration

If you want to use the sample HR configuration for Alfresco Workdesk on Linux these additional steps will be necessary to make it work, besides what is said in the Quick Start Guide. This applies to Alfresco 4.2.e and Workdesk Community 4.1.1.

1. We assume you have Workdesk installed and working. You have switched to the opencmis_hr configuration in web.xml as described in the Quick Start Guide.
2. Make sure Java is in your path by running ”javac” in the shell. If it’s not found then run ”export PATH=$PATH:/opt/alfresco-4.2.e/java/bin/” (replace the Alfresco home folder according to your env).
3. The scripts will fail with the default folder structure that comes with the Workdesk zip due to spaces in the folder names. Go to workdes-*-dist/bin. Type the following commands ”mv Sample Application/ sample_application”, ”cd sample_application”, ”mv Sample Application/ sample_application”.
3. The installation scripts need to be executable. Goto bin/sample_application/human_resources_application and type ”chmod +x” and ”chmod +x bin/”.

Now run -ap … as described in the Quick Start Guide and you should get the HR application sample data correctly set up.


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