Howto get Alfresco Activity Feed Notification Emails in a Custom Language

Background: The user notification emails, based on the activity feeds, support some languages, such as German e.g., but getting the notification emails in another language that isn’t supported OOTB is more complicated.

This describes how to send out the users notification emails in an arbitrary language. We will use Swedish for this example.

1. First of all, you need to make sure that the locale for Tomcat is correct. If the locale of the OS you’re using is the same as the language you want to send out, then you’re done, but if the server is in English e.g. and you want the emails in Swedish, you have to change the locale trough JAVA_OPTS to the JVM. For Swedish this is ”-Duser.language=sv -Duser.region=SE”. If you need to run Alfresco as a Windows service, then see my other blogpost about how to set JAVA_OPTS when Alfresco is running as a Windows service .

2. Next we need to translate activities-email.ftl into a new file activities-email_sv.ftl. Place the new file under [alfresco project dir]/config/alfresco/extension/templates/activities-email-templates.
2. a. For Swedish we change line 42 from ”Recent activities” into ”Senaste aktiviteter”. This changes the second part of the email subject.
2. b. N.B. Since the email templates are added during the initial bootstrap of Alfresco, no effect will take on a pre-existing system just by copying/deploying the new file into Alfresco. If the system has already been started once, you need to use Alfresco Explorer and go to Company Home/Data Dictionary/Email Templates/activities and add the new file (activities-email_sv.ftl) here.

3. We also need to create the file Create this file empty under [alfresco project dir]/config/alfresco/messages. The easiest way to populate it is to open the corresponding file in Share. You might already have it in [Share project folder]/config/alfresco/web-extension/site-webscripts/org/alfresco/components/dashlets/ If not then download the Share language pack for Swedish and get the file from there. Copy the contents into the file in Alfresco.

That’s it. All your Alfresco server’s notification emails should now be in the custom language, Swedish in this case.


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